Vitamix Reviews Here – Is It A Juicer? We’ve Got The Answer

Defy disease, lose weight, feel great, look younger and live longer. VitaMix Reviews has a fresh approach to fast food-literally. Everything you do starts with fresh, whole foods rich in heart-loving flavonoids-and takes only minutes from start to finish!

Make fiber-filled juice from garden fresh ingredients in just 60 seconds.

Cook steaming hot soup from fresh produce in only four minutes.

Make delicious, low-fat frozen treats in a mere 30 seconds.

Grind whole grains into vitamin-rich flour, then mix and knead the dough in one easy 5-minute operation.

Everything is done without a single attachment, and with a drop of soap in warm water, the VitaMix cleans itself in seconds.

Talk about quick and easy. You, too, can easily master 34 ways to prepare whole foods.

The best and most economical “health insurance” available comes from whole food meals made in the VitaMix.

All of the life giving phytonutrients and antioxidants released by processing whole foods in the VitaMix can’t be found in the pharmacy.

Start enjoying the savings and health benefits by replacing some of your favorite foods with Vita-Mix versions that are nutritious, low cost and easy to make.

The vitamix blender is a great addition to the kitchen, so that you can juice the whole fruit. This is the blender that I use everyday. If you want more information go to

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