Steam Juicers

What are Steam Juicers? Steam juicers are growing in popularity as the secret gets around as to how good the juice produced is. But what are steam juicers? There are generally three components to steam juicers: the water pan, which is the bottom section, the juice kettle in the middle, and the steamer basket at the top. Steam juicers are constructed from stainless steel with an aluminum bottom.

How do you use Steam Juicers?

First you fill the water pan with water. Place this on the stove and leave to boil. Put the juice kettle on top of the water pan–this is where the juice will collect and be extracted via a hose. Next you place the rinsed fruit in the steam basket (no need to stem or pit!) and leave to steam. Juice will begin to fill the juice kettle after 40 minutes, and the whole process should take about an hour. Enthusiasts say that the juice from steam juicers is the best and smoothest they have ever tasted. You can use vegetables as well as fruit. And as well as juices, you can make delicious jellies, syrups and much more.

Who makes Steam Juicers?

There are two main manufacturers of steam juicers: The Finnish company Opa who make the Mehu-Liisa steamer (pronounced ‘Mehu Lisa’) and Back to Basics who make a similar device. Both come with recipes and instructions–though using a steam juicer is very easy, and extremely quick to clean. There are no moving parts and no need for electricity.

But wait, there’s more…

The steam juicers, both the Back to Basics and the Mehu Liisa, can also be used as steam cookers. Just remove the juice kettle section and you have a steam cooker–the healthiest way to cook and eat vegetables. It’s also perfect for steaming rice, fish, poultry, clams, cakes, puddings, and more. The steamer basket also doubles as a colander for quickly draining spaghetti, washed lettuce, vegetables, and garden produce. And, of course, The water pan can be used as a large pan for stewing, simmering and boiling. You can’t get more versatile than that…

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