Remove Carrot Juice From Clothing

Carrot juice is a miracle in terms of natural homemade remedies for different kinds of diseases from hypertension, intestinal worms, to sight problems or even cancer, as it is a great way to detoxify your body due to all its vitamins and nutrients so much needed. But what do you do when you’ve accidentally spilled some carrot juice on your clothing? Yes, it is one of the most hard-to-remove stains due to the orange beta-carotene that seems to be impossible to wash out.

But do not panic if you spilled some on your shirt or pants while preparing it!

There are several ways that will help you in removing the stains from carrot juice from your favorite clothes. Of course there are several chemical products on the market that you can buy in order to remove the stain, but if the carrot juice is a natural homemade remedy why not choosing quackery too in order to get rid of the blot?

So first of all you should know that any kind of stain will be removed more easily if detected on the spot. It’s best that you don’t leave the blot dry out. The fresher the stain, the easier it will be for you to wash it away. Also if you spilt carrot juice on your clothing the first thing you should do is put the piece of cloth under cold water. Hot water will only make the stain to set and you won’t be able to wash it away ever again.

Look quickly in your locker for hairspray or alcohol. You won’t believe it but hairspray due to the amount of alcohol contained has been proven to have the ability to remove vegetable stains. Alcohol is a very good degreaser and helps a lot in cleaning.

Also you might want to try to remove the carrot juice stain from your clothing with the help of some white vinegar. Due to its acidity, vinegar can clean blots without damaging your clothes as bad as chemical agents do.

Another useful method could be applying some cream of tartar paste on the spot. If you have some cream of tartar, mix it with a little bit of warm water until you obtain a smooth paste and leave it for about half an hour on the carrot juice stain before washing it.

Of course you can find lots of detergents, bleachers and stain removal products on the market. There are also some powders that are made especially to remove harsh stains. These are based on chemicals though and could damage some fabrics.

Also if you don’t have one at home it is best to try to clean the carrot juice stain quickly with one of the above mentioned solutions as it is easier to wash out while still being fresh.

If you haven’t had an accident yet but you want to buy some chemical products just in case something happens, you should know that carrot stains can be removed with a strong solution of borax or bleachers.

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