Organic Fruit Puree Juices

Organic fruit puree juices are a great source of nutrition and really easy to make with a blender or juicer.

The important ingredient is really any organic fruit. The reasons you want to choose organic is because this way you have the best chance of of getting as close to nature as possible and minimize the effect of pesticides on your body.

Organic fruit is generally more expensive so it really becomes a choice. I choose to eat organic fruit whenever I can for my organic fruit puree juices not only to get it as natural as possible but because buying organic fruit minimizes your environmental foot print and gets you closer to nature.

Once you have your organic fruit, it is simply a process of pealing your fruit and then putting the whole fruit in the blender or in the juicer.

This process is how my wife and I create really healthy deserts for us and baby food for our kids once they have finished with breast feeding.

It is really important with organic fruit puree juices that you include the pulp. The pulp of the fruit is a really great fiber for the body and allows the intestines to be cleansed naturally. It is sort of like a natural colon cleanser.

One of my favorite organic fruit puree juices is apple/banana. All I do is peel a couple bananas and wash a couple apples(leaving the peel on) putting it in our vitamix blender for a couple minutes and I have got a great snack during the day for both my wife and I.

Organic fruit puree juices are an easy to make alternative to your traditional desert or snack provide a ton of fiber and probably one of the most nutritious things to eat today.

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