Juicing For High Blood Pressure

One of the common questions I often get that concerns many people with the issue of juicing lots of fruit is the impact that it has on high blood sugar. Consuming lots of fruits equates to lots of sugar and concerns many people with high blood sugar. The assumption is if you load the body with lots of sugar in the form of fruit then you will create havoc with the insulin levels of the body and you will create a blood sugar problem. I find this is just simply a fear thing. With the right tools, even if you have high blood sugar juicing can be very healthy to your body and probably help to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

This argument would have to be true if we are comparing apples to apples meaning if we are comparing pure sugar as in processed foods with pure sugar. Fruit, even high in sugar goes through a whole different process in the body to be broken down into sugar. It is more natural, sustaining and stabilizes the bodies metabolism.

If an individual has already high blood sugar and is switching to a juicing diet, I will always recommend that they ease into the whole diet change slowly because if their blood sugar is high it is because they have had a bad history of processed food consumption and changing to a whole food all natural diet is going to be difficult. They will go through a kind of detoxification before they will feel better, so they only juice maybe once a day.

Consuming whole natural food is how the body was designed to eat, and juicing fruits and vegetables is part of that natural component. Because we will be consuming a higher quantity of fruit when we juice, one of the things that I do to add to my juice is a good fibre addition. So, if I am making a juice for my morning breakfast and it happens to have a lot of fruit in it. I will add a scoop of a good all natural fibre like flaxseed to the juice.

Adding fibre will not only help with colon health it will help with any concerns of high blood sugar because fibre does a great job at helping to stabilize insulin levels.

The quick answer then to helping control high blood sugar while juicing is to add a good fibre supplement to your juice on a daily basis to help balance the amount of whole natural sugar that is entering the body.

Rather then going cold turkey and just juicing for the sake of juicing, it is really important to find a good book on juicing and really understand the concepts and the type of recipes that are available. Knowledge is power. Power needs preparation and you can only get that through education.

Juicing with fruits and vegetables is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have no blood sugar or high blood sugar, adding juicing to your diet is good for your health and will add more quality to your life in the end.

For better education on how to juice properly check out “The Raw Diet”

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