Juicing Carrots For Natural Hair Color

How well does juicing carrots restore hair color? You may have an equal share of experience wherein people around you are busy slicing and boiling carrots and apply it on their hair.

Much more to your surprise, they have been doing this practice for a long period of time and certainly results are evident: the healthy, strong strands and the warm and glowing hair color vibrantly sways side to side, up and down as they move their self off the way.

As you dig down the information about the effect of carrot juice to restore hair color, try to explore more about carrots. Carrots are basically, one of the healthiest vegetable food-source that humanity had discovered. Figuratively, the use of carrots all over the world has long been high since the advent of its discovery. In actuality, China and its Chinese population use this vegetable more commonly than the rest of the world.

There are various benefits you can get in this particular vegetable. To highlight it all,  this food has been primarily a good and rich source of beta carotene. This particular substance nourishes every individual’s eyes and improves one’s vision. It also gives nourishment for your skin to help it glow and look healthy. Knowing this, still there is a need for you to know how well juicing carrots restore hair color.

Juicing Carrots

Juicing Carrots can help restore your hair’s color and vibrant tone.


This is one of the natural ingredients that is clean and gives less damage than using chemical substances and dwells gently through your hair. The carotene substance present in each carrot gives its natural orange color. It is also responsible for the yellow orange and orange pigments of other plants. The function of carotene for plants happens in its process of photosynthesis. This somehow influences the ability of carrots to take effect on your desired outcomes.

This substance can also influence your hair. The orange pigment of the carrots can be obtained by boiling the vegetable in water. As the water boils, these pigments are released from the carrots and mix with the fluid to create a yellow colored broth. In this process, the carrots will not really give off its nutrients, thus, eating the vegetable is still safe and healthy.

Carotene, in its orange color, will give off a new touch and revitalization of your hair. As you rinse your hair with the carrot juice, it adds bright and rich red tones to your fading red hair. This will also hide your gray or white hairs by changing its  appearance with a reddish tone. It will also take an effect on your blonde or light  brown hair strands by giving gold enhancers to the natural hair color.

Juicing Carrots Hair

Understanding this process gives you an idea on how well juicing carrots restore hair color. This is not only a product of human imagination, rather, a proven scientific fact published for the societal use.

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