How To Use Juicer Steamer

A juice in a bottle bought from your local store is nothing in comparison to a fresh homemade one. Not only a glass of fresh squeezed juice will cost you less than a bought one but it’s a thousand times healthier. And what better way to trample your favorite fruits and veggies than by using a steam juicer?

From classic to modern and back to the classics. These are the tendencies in terms of anything. After a boost of technology in terms of home appliances, including all sorts of juicers, the classic ones still remain the best on the markets, also not to mention the fact that people love using simple technology rather than complicated devices.

So, how does a steam juicer work?

First of all you have to know that it is compound from a food basket, a juice kettle, a drain spout and a tube.

The juice kettle has to be placed on top of the water pan after filling this with three quarts of water. Place the installation on a medium burner on your stove, at high heat. The tube has to be pushed over the drain spout and clamped at the midpoint. Fill the food basket with the washed, peeled and cut fruits or veggies, according to the instructions provided to your type of steam juicer. Place the basket on the juice kettle. When you see the water boiling, turn your burner at a medium heat. When the steam starts to come out from the upper portions of the juicer look at the clock.

Depending on the type of the steamer, the juice should start to fill the kettle in about forty minutes, depending of course on the fruits or veggies. Some fruits like apricots or berries will take sixty minutes to steam, others will take forty minutes and others like apples will take up to ninety minutes time to steam.

The steam juicer is a very handy appliance that practically makes tasteful, healthy juice by itself, all you have to do is clean the fruits or veggies, place them in the recipient and make sure that everything is in order.

And not only that it is a wonderful invention, the steam juicer can also be used as a steam cooker. All you have to do is remove the kettle section. It is perfect for cooking veggies, rice, fish, cakes and many more. This way you can avoid those bad fried meals that will only do your health harm on the long run.

And the best feature is that none of the above mentioned fruits or veggies or ingredients that your prepare with your steamer lose their vitamins or nutrients during the cooking process. Not only the steam juicer will help you live a healthier life, but it will also be a hand given for preparing the meal for your baby as it keeps all the important properties of the fruits and legumes.

You can opt for one of two variants of the juice steamer: made out of aluminum or stainless steel. Either one you choose will serve you right.

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