The Green Star Juicer – Good, Bad, & Ugly Is It Worth It?

Green Star Juicer Review

Green Star is a juicer and a food processor fused in one great machine that is excellent for the needs of just about everyone. Its twin-gear mechanism ensures the freshness of the food whilst, in the process, keeping the enzymes intact.

The Green Star maintains the use of a very low speed of 110 rpm to keep the enzymes from the fruits and vegetables active by not increasing the temperature thereby ‘shocking’ the fruit or vegetable and so destroying the nutrients in it.

When you buy the Green Star Juicer, you will get three types of filters: the fine filter, the coarse filter, and the homogenizing blank or the open blank. These three filters are there to enable all the extracting and food processing methods that you need.

The fine filter is best used to separate the juice from the pulp. When using this type of filter, a little fine pulp may escape into the juice. Use this filter to juice some of the favorite vegetables such as carrots, kale, parsley, wheat grass, barley, basil, and other green leafy vegetables or herbs.

Some people enjoy drinking juice with a bite and body to it. The second type of filter, the coarse filter, is made for those who love juice with more pulp in it. Use this to juice fruits like oranges, apples, lemon, and other sweet or acidic fruits. Get the most possible amount of juice plus the fiber for better digestion! Green Star is one of the first extractors that can effectively extract juice from leafy vegetables with very tough fibers. Perfect for those who are on a chlorophyll diet or just love greens.

The third type of filter is best used to make frozen desserts, puree, nut butters, baby foods, pate, relish, apple sauce, etc. The juice and the pulp finely mixed together in the best form ever. Puree anything from nuts, grains, garlic, onions, strawberry, and banana just to name a few. The choices are limitless!

Because Green Star is not just a juicer, you can use it to prepare the ingredients needed to create almost all your favorite food from it. From tasty drinks, to pasta, bread sticks, rice cakes, bagels, etc. – all of these can be made using just one incredible machine for the preparation.

Lengthen the life span of the Green Star Juice extractor by cleaning it properly and regularly. Since this machine can extract essential minerals such as calcium from foods in valuable amounts, it is highly recommended that the machine should be cleaned immediately after every use. This is to prevent minerals from building up around the twin gears and screen and also avoid clogging. Do not forget to let the extractor dry thoroughly after washing. In cases where some calcium or other minerals have already built up on the gears, clean them by alternating carrot pulp and granulated sugar in the running machine several times.

The Green Star Juicer comes with a multi-purpose brush for easy cleaning of hard to reach parts of the machine. This brush can be used to clean the filters to free them from pulp build ups. Avoid a strong buildup of pulp on the filters because after some time, it could be more difficult to take them out and will eventually decrease the performance of the extractor. Although the extractor is not dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is still easy.

Cleaning juice extractors has always been an issue for users so the Green Star technology team found a way to make things easier for the users. Its automatic pulp ejection from the twin gears will ensure a continuous juicing action.

The Green Star Juicer, unlike other juicers, is very quiet. It is also known for the very minimal movement it creates while extracting the goodness from even the hardest nuts around. This juicer is not built for speedy juicing. We should always remember that the most flavorful and healthy juices with all their nutrients intact are made very slowly and carefully. Slow juicing is the gentlest way of handling fruits and vegetables. We do not want heat introduced to the pulp and juice extracted.

Aside from the healthy juice the Green Star produces, it is also helpful in separating the juice from the pesticides that may be present on the fruit. This technology has won several recognitions and awards around the world.

The Green Star Juice extractor continues to impress its users, whether ordinary homemakers or the leading chefs from around the world. This machine is made using the highest quality materials that can be found on the market today to make sure that users are satisfied with its performance and style. Every machine has passed extensive quality tests and meets very high standards. Its user manual is complete with some delicious recipes and tips to making good food.

Juicing and food processing have never been so healthy and easy before. Green Star wants only the best for everyone especially when people are very particular in improving their health through the foods that they eat. Become part of Green Star’s campaign to live in a healthier world by using the Green Star Juicer now.