Champion Juicer Review

Some Great Champion Juicer Reviews

People nowadays are more conscious about their health and are finding ways to keep their bodies healthy by eating right and being physically active.

Eating right is always associated with the intake of lots of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet but although some people are not really into these fibrous foods, who doesn’t love juices?

This is where the Champion Juicer comes in. Its technology is one of the most advanced on the market nowadays.

It is designed to delicately handle the fruits and vegetables so to not lose the nutrients that people need from them.

The Champion Juicer is known for its slow speed and chewing-like effect on the fruits and vegetables that it juices.

Previous studies on standard blenders and juicers show that in the process, many nutrients are often lost because of the high-speed action of the rotating blades in the machine.

This does not happen with Champion Juicer. This technology also assures more juice, enzymes, and nutrients extracted from the food manifested by a more flavorful, sweeter, and darker colored juice.

Another good characteristic of the Champion is its user-friendliness. Assembly will not require the user to analyze complicated instructions of how to use screws, bolts, nuts and the like.

In addition to that, users will never have to worry about cleaning the machine anymore.

Champion’s motor generates 1/3 horse power, which can handle all types of fruits and vegetables.

The floating clutter which does the juicing is designed to effectively separate the pulp from the juice continuously. This makes the operation effortlessly fast.

To get the best results when juicing vegetables, use fresh, refrigerated, crispy ones.

This will give a very refreshing taste to the juice adding to the efficiency of the Champion.

Of course, vegetables must be properly washed first before juicing. Foreign materials that stick to the vegetables may affect the taste of the juice.

Ask your local grocery stores for a fruits and vegetables wash that should be available.

Most of the vegetables are best not peeled and should be juiced as a whole. They add to the nutrients of the juice and maximize the liquid and pulp extracted from the vegetables.

Feed the fruits and vegetables into the Champion Juicer at a steady pace, holding the tamper with the right amount of pressure down.

Maintain the pressure on the tamper for a few seconds after the fruit or vegetable has gone all the way down so the pulp will not go back up.

The Champion has a warning device that produces a clicking sound when the juicer is being fed too quickly and is being overloaded. This doesn’t have to worry the users.

It just simply indicates that feeding should be done more slowly.

If at times the Champion gets clogged, unloading will be very easy. You just have to put more pressure on the tamper to push the food further down until the blockage is gone.

If the piece that is clogging the machine is small then feed another fruit or vegetable in and push all the way down.

The resulting pulp may be wet for the first three fruits or vegetables fed into the juicer.

To extract more juice from the pulp, feed the pulp again into the juicer. Notice that the pulp will become drier and will reduce to a purer form.

If the pulp is still unusually wet, this might be a signal that the filter is clogged and needs a little cleaning.

To unclog the filter, just take it out and brush out the fibers. Re-assemble and continue.

Fruit pulp is usually wetter than vegetable pulp. To handle extra juicy fruits and vegetables, reduce the speed of feeding by putting less pressure on the tamper.

Champion Juicer spare parts are available in the market in case any parts need replacement. The juicer body is priced at $26, while the other parts are sold at $2-7.50 each.

The Champion Juicer has a very reliable sensor that will cause the machine not to start unless all parts are in their proper position.

This is for the safety of the user and to avoid the machine from breaking down.

There are times when the machine may be warm to the touch, depending on the amount of food to be juiced.

This is because the motor is designed to generate up to 40 degrees of heat when in use but this should not affect the temperature of the juice greatly.

If this happens, it might be caused by a dull blade or over slow feeding. When the cutter gets stuck, check if it needs some lubrication or some cleaning.

The Champion Juicer has been developed to help people improve their diet by providing an easier way to obtain good nutritional content from fruits and vegetables.

This is also a good way to start eating right, especially for those who are not fans of these fibrous delights.

If you have issues about eating fruits and vegetables in their original form, then try using Champion and just enjoy the taste, forget that you are actually drinking something healthy.