Juiceman II

Make your self healthy by making nutritious juices using Juiceman ii, but how to operate? Clearly, there are important things that we should consider as we try to manipulate and use this piece of instrument, but first, what can you get from Juiceman II?

Juiceman ii

Juices made out of fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients will be of great help in nourishing and maintaining normal functions of the body.

Certainly, these will improve your immune system, replenish the energy you spent as you perform your daily tasks and repair all the damaged cells brought about by normal wear and tear process. These benefits can be obtained through the use of this one of a kind machine, Juiceman II.

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Juiceman II – How to operate

Juiceman II

This Juiceman II how to operate guide will give you an easy step by step process in successfully obtaining your favorite fruit juice in no time.

  1. Upon purchasing of the product, make sure that Juiceman ii has been set up correctly by an expert or a promotional merchandiser.
  2. Assess if all the things have been attached. Try to check the different parts of the machine for completeness and intactness. This will make sure that as you continue  to go along with the product, you will not put to waste any useful ingredient you have included in the machine. Make sure that the plug is dry, clean and inserted in the outlet, the fruit container, wherein you will place your fruit choices, is clean and free from dirt, the juice catcher should be in place basing on the perimeter line drawn at the bottom and tact in properly.
  3. Wash your fruit choices to make it clean and free from dirt. In this machine, you can insert your fruit in the fruit section without pealing or if you want to make sure your ingredients are clean, you can peal it.
  4. Prior to placing.you have in the fruit container, located at the top part Place the fruits of the machine. Then, push the fruit using the lid of the container to press the fruit into the blade and juicer portion to extract the fluid. You will then see that the juice will go directly to the juice catcher at the bottom of the machine.
  5. Transfer the fruit juice you have obtained to another container such as a glass or a cup. If the amount of juice you have obtained is not enough, repeat the previous procedure as appropriate.
  6. After using, you can clean some parts of the machine by washing it with soap and water. Avoid wetting the electrical cord and the body of the machine, instead, wipe it with damp cloth. Disassemble the fruit container, the juice catcher and the blade from the rest of the machine and clean it with soap and water, let it air dry and reassemble the machine again.
  7. Keep it in a cool and dry place. This Juiceman II how to operate guide will help you in using the machine and personally obtain fresh and healthy fruits.
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