How To Treat Diabetes By Juicing

How do you treat diabetes by juicing. This question comes up a lot because when most people thing about juicing they think it is only about juicing fruit.

Some of the best juices are made with only vegetables, so most diabetics don’t have to be stuck worrying about consuming too much sugar.

Having said that eating whole fruit and vegetables is probably the best thing a diabetic can do to improve their condition.

Monitoring your insulin levels is going to be very important during this process. Begin by juicing with vetetables only. There are great books available for recipes on juicing vegetalbes. One I can think of is “Green For Life”. Most vegetable juices begin with a green base like swiss chard, kale or dark green lettuces.

Only juice in the morning for the first week and monitor your insulin levels over the week. If they are stable you can start juicing at different times and also start getting more creative with the types of vegetables and fruit you use.

A dark green juice with lots of green vegetables should have very little effect on your insulin levels. You can begin by adding 1 fruit per juicing attempt and continue to monitor your insulin levels.

If you don’t notice much of a change then just get more creative. Go slowly and take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to juice all day long. Begin with one meal a day and just monitor your progress.

Remember to juice with the fiber of the vegetables and fruit. This will go a long way at helping you stabilize your blood sugars.

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