How To Make Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Juices

As her health awareness increases, people looking for more and more ways to make sure that they get their daily allowances of fresh fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t always seem like it’s possible to consume what you’re supposed to on any given day. You can go broke buying unprepared juices out on the market that supplied these recommended daily amounts but who wants to spend all that cash? What you need to know is how to make fresh fruit and vegetable juice on your own.

The process itself is not very involved, it is actually quite easy. The first thing you have to do is go out and purchase a good juicer. You can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars on a high-end one, but most of these have a discounted version available for less than $100 and all you’re usually doing is exchanging stainless for plastic. One feature you’ll have to insist on though is that your juicer can handle full pieces of fruit without requiring you to jump them up in the little bitty pieces.

Since you are trying to get healthy, you’re going to want to make sure that you try and buy organic produce whenever possible. Otherwise you’re going to be putting yourself at risk of chemicals and pesticides I could possibly be on the produce. You should also buy your produce fairly regularly so that it does not spoil. The two or three day supply each visit should be more than enough.

When you’re first starting out, you’re going to want to try a variety of blends as you’re not going to be really be sure what you’re going to like. One thing you do want to do is trying is a nice balance of sweets to help improve the flavor of your fruit and vegetable juice. Adding something like an apple or an orange will alleviate some of the more bitter tasting vegetables.

Lemon juice is always a great addition and has a high nutritional content. It will help cut sugar content and also alleviates some of the bitterness that the greens are known for. Adding in one lemon per glass of juice will barely be noticeable as a flavor, but it will make a dramatic difference when using it to neutralize the flavors of some of less appetizing vegetables.

If you’re looking for the benefits of different vegetables but don’t particularly like their flavor, you may blend them with a more dominant flavor of a fruit that you prefer, something like strawberries or blackberries. Usually, something like this will dominate the glass and you will barely know that you have mixed in celery and potato.

Once you have decided on your combination all you need to do is put in the blender and let that thing go to town on liquefying all the vegetables and fruits that you put in there. After just a few seconds of blending you will have a delicious, nutritious concoction that will have you on your way to being a healthier person.



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