How To Clean Fruit For Juicing

How you clean your fruit for juicing can be a very important part of your juicing plan. Depending on where you get your fruit can have an impact on how clean or dirty they are.

My first choice is always to buy organic, but a lot of people whether for price or availability don’t have a choice in buying organic.

When your juicing it is really important to include the fiber part of the fruit which usually means using the whole fruit including the outer covering. This means it is really important to use clean fruit.

One of the things that I do when I buy the fruit is when I get home I immediately put all the fruit and vegetables in the sink fill it with water and put a couple cap fulls of food grade hydrogen peroxide in the water.

The hydrogen peroxide helps to wash away any bacteria and the water helps to wash away any residue.

Most natural food stores sell food grade hydrogen peroxide. It usually comes in a 30% solution.

Washing your fruit keeps them clean and maximizes the benefits of juicing

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