Fruit Juice Low In Acid

Is there is fruit juice low in acid? Fruit juices are healthy source of vitamins and minerals that will help and give you a healthy body.

Fruit Juice Acid

Basically, there are different kinds of fruits that we can use to serve this purpose. From the most common tropical fruits to the seasonal ones, it has never failed in giving refreshment and a solution to quench your thirst.

Prior to investigating and obtaining an answer for this question, what is Citric Acid? Citric acid is the normal acidic ph liquid that can be obtained from citrous fruits.

This particular substance is highly acidic but gives everybody the benefit of a healthy life. However, tolerance level of citric acid intake depends on different factors. These factors include: age, gender, health conditions and diseases. Thus, determining the exact amount of citric acid to be taken in depends on individual’s preference.

Normally, when a person exceeds the limit of citric acid intake, indigestion or stomach aches will be observed. This somehow affects one’s eating pattern since discomfort is being felt. That is why, the need in knowing how much citric acid your food has, especially your favorite juice, is but necessary to obtain its healthy benefits.

Fruit Juice Low in Acid – Basic Groups

There is a wide range of fruits rich in citric acid, and this range comes with the division of citric acid levels. There are three basic groups that we should be familiarized with: the high, medium and low citric acid level groups.

Fruit Juice Low In Acid

High citric acid fruits include citrous fruits. These are lemon, lime, grapefruits and orange. It’s more concentrated in limes and lemons which according to weight:  contain approximately 8% citric acid. This are strong fruit juices that will help in stomach digestion and as well as a rich source of Vitamin C. However, for those people who can’t tolerate high citric acid juices, the use of these fruits to come up with a juice should be avoided.

Fruit juice low in acid or contain medium level of citric acid include: strawberry, cherry, pineapple, peach, tamarind, pomegranate, nectarine and tomato. These are perfectly used by people who can tolerate a medium amount of citric acid in their stomach.

These fruits contains tolerable amount of the acid that will prevent discomforts. cranberry, gooseberry,  If in case you want to have a fruit juices that have the least amount of citric acid, your should deal with these fruits: pear, mango, grape, rock melon, watermelon, honeydew, coconut, banana, apricot, papaya and apple. This will ensure that you will not have any feeling of stomach discomfort as you drink it.

Whenever you can still feel pain, try to minimize the amount of fruit that you will incorporate in your juice and instead increase the other alternatives, such as water or ice or fruit juice low in acid.

Finally, the most important thing that you should bear in mind are the benefits that you can get among these fruits and not only the taste it yields.

It is but proper also to consult your physician if continuous stomach discomfort is felt and dietician to ask for complete list of fruit juice low in acid that you can tolerate.

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