Carrot Juice To Restore Hair Color

I Drank Carrot Juice to Restore Hair Color

Recently, I noticed that my hair’s color changed from a vibrant tone to a dull and unhealthy look. I searched for the best remedy that will revive it back and found out the answer in one of the sites. I drank carrot juice to restore hair color. I viewed it awkward at first but when I tried, it changed my view about it.

I am not a health geek or worried too much about my health. I don’t even focus any attention in forcing my self to eat vegetables. I never liked them ever  since I was a child. Eating vegetables gives me goose bumps. I never knew its benefits until one day, I read an article.

Carrot juice has a lot of benefit for the body. Carrots are one of the most common vegetables used around the world. There are varieties of food preparations that involve carrots. There are even pastries and cakes made out of carrots.

Carrots have beta carotene in it. It is a substance that helps the vegetable as it undergoes photosynthesis. This also has significant effect such as in maintaining healthy eyes and skin. This carotene will be converted to retinal in our digestive system that will act as vitamin A that will influence the function of our eyes. It thrives in the retina to keep it healthy and also gives off a natural color and glow for our sclera. This same substances are also responsible for keeping and providing a healthy and moisturized skin. The same effect is also found within the hair

I drank carrot juice to restore my hair color imageUpon reading these benefits,  I planned to drink my fare share of carrot juice. This involves a simple step by step process for you to follow.

1 . Obtain two pieces of fresh carrots and slice it to a bite size peices.

2 . Place the sliced carrots on a pan or pot and add ample amount of water. Basically, you can check the level and amount of water needed for it to sink.

3 . Turn on the heat and let the solution come to a boil.

4 . After boiling, reduce the amount of heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes until an orange broth is obtained.

5 . Turn of the heat after the indicated time and remove the pieces of carrots in it. These pieces are still healthy is still edible, so you can save it for eating session.

6 . Let the broth stand in a corner and air cool. Do not place any cold water or even place it in a refrigerator.

7 . As the solution comes to a tolerable temperature, you can drink it.

Certainly, when I drank carrot juice to restore hair color, I decided  in mind that obtaining my desired result may take a longer period of time.

Thus, doing this activity means drinking and drinking the same solution.

The most important thing in achieving the restoration of hair color is to have a better and brighter look depends on the amount of carrot juice you consume. For best results is is better to buy a juicer and juice fresh carrots

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