Carrot Juice Blood Pressure

Everybody remembers Bugs Bunnys’ famous line: „What’s up doc?”. Well, the doc never answered. Why? Because, while asking this, the renown rabbit was chewing on a carrot. Yes, carrots are healthy; carrots contain a lot of properties that can keep you healthy so you won’t need the doctor.

A glass of carrot juice a day is proven to lower you high blood pressure and do you so much good as it has the ability, according to studies, to clean your arteries, provide you the needed B, C, D and E vitamins, beta carotene and many more. Not only that the carrot juice has the ability to lower your blood pressure but it can also prevent you from having heart problems, reducing the risks of strokes.

Hypertension, the medical term used when having high blood pressure, is the most common encountered cardiovascular disease in the world.

Although you don’t have any symptoms, don’t think that you are perfectly healthy as the hypertension doesn’t always show signs or present symptoms in early stages of the disease. One of the causes of hypertension could be the way you choose to live your life. If you tend to eat more fast food than home cooked food, high on fats and calories, if you smoke a lot and don’t intend to quit too soon, if you drink a lot of alcohol, or if you work long and hard and therefore are very stressed or on the contrary if you have a sedentary lifestyle and just lie on the couch all day long in front of your TV, you are most likely to get high blood pressure eventually.

Therefore get a good look at your self and start doing something!

First of all start eating healthy, exercise more and don’t forget to drink a glass of carrot juice a day as it will help you remain healthy due to all its wonderful healing properties.

A glass of carrot juice drunk every day will count more than a fist of pills because of all its antioxidants. Of course, if also following the right nutritional diet.

Carrots contain a lot of potassium, which is known to prevent and control high blood pressure.

So why take a pill when you can drink a cup of tasteful, sweet carrot juice?

There are a lot of mixtures that you can prepare if you don’t like plain carrot juice. You can mix the carrots with apple juice, or celery, or even oranges. This will only bring more vitamins to your body.

If you like the plain carrot juice to be sweeter, choose the carrots that are no longer than six inches. If you’d prefer a less sweet cup, buy longer carrots.

Also try not to peel them but wash them well, as the most nutrients are to be found just under the skin. However, if you are known to have diabetes you should consider not eating carrots as they contain some sugars.

So a glass of carrot juice a day keeps the high blood pressure away!

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